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The links below lead to important collections of mathematics research articles in electronic form. However, the extent to which individual articles may be viewed or downloaded depends in each case on the provider of the information. In some cases complete information is provided free of charge; in other cases little or no information is available unless a subscription has been paid.

In the case of electronic journals, or online versions of traditional journals, access to articles is usually protected by a combination of password and IP address identification. If you are associated with an institution which has a subscription to the journal in question, and if you are accessing the home page of that journal from an IP address associated with that subscription, then you should have full access to the articles in that journal.

arXiv and mirror site in Japan

(electronic preprint archive; the first link is to the "Front Page" at the University of California (Davis) and the second link is to the mirror site at the Yukawa Institute)

In case of problems: contact the arXiv administrators.

Google Scholar (academic version of Google)

Ulrichsweb (journal directory)


(online version of Mathematical Reviews)

In case of problems: contact your library representative or the American Mathematical Society.

Online Mathematics Library

An experimental online portal for the mathematics library at TMU.

Other electronic information and news

Article on electronic communication by Tatsuyoshi Hamada (in Japanese, published by MSJ, August 2005)

Osaka City University COE Program (Knot Theory, including Differential Geometry Seminar) and OCAMI

Takasaki Laboratory of Integrable Systems (Kyoto University) Soliton theory, research projects, links...

SPECT Project (Vietnam)

Geometry Project on Surfaces (Kobe University) Surface theory, software, links ...

Mathematical Museum at Ibaraki University

Harmonic maps and integrable systems
A.P. Fordy and J.C. Wood (editors)
Originally published in the series:
Aspects of Mathematics, vol. E23, Vieweg, 1994
(now out of print - electronic version available here)