Geometry and Visualization

TUTORIALS for and by users and developers of mathematical software

3D-XplorMath general purpose visualization software with an emphasis on mathematical content and documentation

3D-XplorMath won first prize in the illustration category of the NSF/Science 2006 Visualization Challenge. More information can be found in the September 2006 issue of Science magazine. The prize-winning illustration appears on the front cover of the magazine!

Mirror site in Japan

A Japanese localized version of 3D-XplorMath is planned - please see the Japanese software page for information

A Java version of 3D-XplorMath is under construction. A partial version can be downloaded here

The Virtual Mathematical Museum mathematical museum containing galleries from 3D-XplorMath and other sources

The VMM is maintained by the 3DXM Consortium

OTHER SOFTWARE (Japanese mirror sites, software with Japanese commentary, software developed in Japan, links to other software sites ...)


CMCLab home page at UMASS Amherst

How to use CMCLab by Katsuhiro Moriya [English translation of Japanese version]

To download the Sept 2003 java version of Nick Schmitt's CMCLab program, please click here (Simply download the file and open it, then read the file readme.txt, and it will only take about five minutes to install the program if everything goes smoothly. As it is a java program, it should run on any computer.)


KAN home page at Kobe University


Simath home page at Tokyo Metropolitan University


JTEM home page in Berlin

JDVI home page in Berlin

MESH: A Mathematical Video on Polyhedral Meshes and Their Role in Geometry, Numerics and Computer Graphics. By Beau Janzen and Konrad Polthier

MESH home page

(See the Japanese page for availability in Japan. A Japanese-scripted version is under construction.)


Xah Lee's Great Math Programs