There is wide range of mathematical software available for computation and visualization in geometry, ranging from specialized free programs to commercial software like Mathematica, Maple, and Matlab. Many geometers already use such software for teaching purposes. The purpose of these tutorials is to encourage more geometers in Japan to use software in their research. Each tutorial features demonstrations by specialists and hand-on practical work, with a very high tutor:participant ratio.


13 December 2010: Java Tutorial by Takashi Sakai (TMU)

PREVIOUS TUTORIALS (with lecture notes and tutorial material if available; will be updated)

Study Meeting on Mathematics and Computers Tokyo Metropolitan University (22 May 2008 at Akihabara, 23 May 2008 at Minami-Ohsawa)

Java and visualization tutorial Tokyo Metropolitan University,29-31 October 2007, by Richard Palais (University of California) and Takashi Sakai (Osaka City University).

Computing Geodesic Curves: Computational Geometry with Maple Tokyo Metropolitan University, 11-12 October 2005. Maple tutorial by Robert Sinclair.

CMCLab Tutorial Tokyo Metropolitan University, 30 June - 1 July 2005

The following conference included a one day program devoted to geometry software:

Integrable Systems, Geometry and Visualisation Kyushu University 19-23 November 2004